Partecipazione a congressi

The Second ISA Forum of Sociology (International Sociological Association), Buenos Aires, 1-4 Agosto 2012

  1. Pharmaceutical and italian health service among consumption and social construction in Italy
  2. Carers’ transnational links: The ambivalence of immigrant remittances
  3. Sessione “Health Inequalities across European Health Systems”, moderata da Mara Tognetti Bordogna e Annalisa Ornaghi

5th European Congress for Integrative Medicine, Florence, 21-22.09.2012

  1. Roberti di Sarsina P, Tognetti Bordogna M, Gensini GF. A collaborative post-graduate educational project: the MasterCourse in “Health Systems, Traditional and Unconventional Medicine”.
  2. Roberti di Sarsina P, Gentiluomo A, Tognetti Bordogna M. Education in Traditional and Unconventional Medicine in Italian School of Medicine. A content analysis and survey.
  3. Roberti di Sarsina P, Servadei C, Tognetti Bordogna M. Unconventional Medicine Knowledge and Use among General Practioners of City of Forlì, Italy.
  4. Alliata F. Tailored health: homeopathy and complexity.
  5. Balzola M A, Savino C. Mental health and CAM: an opportunity to increase the perception of cure efficiency.
  6. Tamburlin N. Obesity prevention and care with integrated medicine.